All-Risk Protection

Unique in Switzerland!

Schenker Storen is the only company in Switzerland to offer you a low-priced All-Risk protection which you can purchase in addition to our already generous guarantee.
For you this means: hustle-free long-term enjoyment of our products.

Comprehensive protection!

A minor accident can occur in a flash – a football through your window, objects being knocked over or acts of vandalism, which are unfortunately on the rise these days. Great that there is the All-Risk protection by Schenker Storen! This insurance protects you from any sudden and unforeseen damage.

Low premiums: only 0.65% per year!

The Schenker Storen All-Risk Protection cover is taken out for a period of five years, and the premium amounts to 3.25% of the net purchase price, in other words just 0.65% annually! With the purchase of a set of blinds priced at CHF 5,000, the All-Risk Protection costs about 162.50 CHF for five years. It is only possible to purchase this coverage when the product is purchased.